Dog-friendly campsite in South Devon

Dogs are welcome at Wilton Farm campsite, set in the glorious hills of South Devon plus they stay for free! If you love camping or caravanning & don’t want to leave your dogs behind then this is the dog-friendly campsite for you. With over 8 acres of space, your four-legged friend will be able to get ample exercise without even needing to leave the campsite. There are also a multitude of wonderful walks for your favourite pooch straight from the campsite to nearby dog-friendly beaches such as beautiful Mill Bay, opposite Salcombe, plus stunning walks over fields towards such wonderful viewing points as East Portlemouth.

Reasons to visit our dog-friendly campsite

The campsite itself is blissfully quiet with plenty of fields for your favourite pooch to find new sniffs & perhaps even make some new canine friends! Here are two such lovely pups enjoying their time on the main camping field (Gullet). 

Top reasons to make Wilton Farm your dog-friendly campsite of choice this year :

  1. 8 acres of space for your pooch to enjoy
  2. They stay for free!
  3. Dog-friendly beaches in easy walking distance…have a look at these two dogs stretching their legs at Mill Bay

3. Direct & private access to Kingsbridge estuary where dogs can go in & enjoy a paddle

4. Stepping stones across the estuary (via our private slipway) to dog-friendly walkways, including those towards East Portlemouth 

5. Stunning views across to Salcombe (okay…that might be more for your benefit than the dogs!!)

6. A wooded Glade next to the estuary where you can go & relax on our wooden platform & bench whilst the dog enjoys the shade from the summer sun

Top tips for bringing your pooch to Wilton Farm campsite :

  • Train your canine friend to come when called : We absolutely love dogs at Wilton Farm campsite but as we are also a working farm, it is important that they do know to come back to you when called (in case they go off-piste towards the cows or chickens!)
  • Happy & healthy pooch :  As there may well be other dogs at the campsite, it is important that all vaccinations are up to date & that they have been recently wormed
  • Contact details : Having a collar with contact details ensures that in the unlikely event that they go walkies (sorry…couldn’t resist) that they can quickly & easily be reunited with you
  • Securing your dog at night-time : There is of course lots of natural wildlife at Wilton Farm campsite & at night there will be plenty of different sounds that your dog may want to explore. As such, securing them at night-time (or perhaps bringing a pup tent) makes sure you all sleep soundly
  • Cleaning up after…well…you know : We ask that all campers & caravanners respect the land & those around them. As such, please do ensure to clean up after your doggie when nature calls (put in bins provided)

If you have any questions about rights of way or general questions about bringing your dog to the campsite, then please get in touch via our contact form

Lastly…and just for fun…a little dog-inspired camping poem (we’re no Keats) :

Dog poem for Wilton Farm

There once was a Golden Retriever,
Whose name quite aptly was Rover.
Each night he dreamt of a beautiful place,
Where he could run free with oodles of space.
One day he set off on a journey,
To a place in the sunny* West Country
The place he dreamt of was here in Devon.
At Wilton Farm, he’d found his heaven.

*Okay so it may not always be sunny (but it rhymed..)

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