The Glade is particularly special to us at Wilton Farm as it is in this enchanted woodland that Paul’s eldest daughter got married in 2014. It is a truly magical place & can be enjoyed throughout the day and evening.

Within the heart of the glade, and where the wedding reception took place, there is a wooden platform perfect for picnics during the day. Just a short stroll away you’ll also reach the slipway to the estuary where you have the option of paddling or, if you’ve brought equipment, to set off from here for a fun day on the water. If you’re more of a walker, there are stepping stones that take you up the hill opposite.

From twilight & through to the night, the Glade becomes a place to relax perhaps with music. Stowed away underneath the platform you can find tealights & holders to create a calm ambiance against the quiet of the stream running alongside. For any musicians, it’s also a lovely and undisturbed place to spend an evening with a few guitars, drinks & food.

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