Wilton has been farmed for hundreds of years. The hedgerows have been dated back to the Anglo-Saxon period and the path you will walk down to the estuary is an ancient bridle path which locals would use to walk from estuary settlements to the church in South Pool.

The Evans family have been farming here for generations. Farming is in our blood and we are proud to be the custodians of this beautiful land. We are a small farm and have always steered away from intensive farming practices, favouring a traditional and sustainable approach. We believe keeping this stunning corner of the world for future generations is paramount.

We have a small flock of ewes as well as herds of Hereford cattle and pedigree jersey cows. You might sight our pretty Jersey’s on your walks to the estuary – they are very friendly as were reared by hand. All our animals are reared on grass and a root fed diet.

As of 2021, we now have a petting and feeding barn for campers to meet and feed some of the young animals on our farm – calves, lambs, and chicks (dependant on availability).

Time feels like it has stood still here at Wilton and we relinquish the slow pace of life- Farmer Paul quite often doesn’t get out of bed before midday! You will see farmers Paul and John working the land on their vintage tractors – they have only recently moved on from horse and cart! Paul has a tendency to drive around the field to show off some of his tractors (as well as his Elvis impersonations, for which we can only apologise).

Our grandfather was keen to encourage tourism to the farm and over the ensuing years we have welcomed visitors since the 60’s. Come and enjoy our beautiful corner of Devon.